Flex box size issues with images and grid style layout

Bricks Version: 1.3.7
Browser: Chrome 90
OS: macOS / Windows / Linux / etc.
URL: (a link to a page that illustrates the issue would be really helpful)

[Please describe in as much detail as possible how we can replicate this bug]

I know this is probibly very simple and I am missing it, but how in bricks do you ensure boxes in a grid stay the same size as the biggest box to make it all allined correctly?

I got it working somewhat, but the images break the flexbox and are making it impossible to use

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@Bfrye26 Try using the layout and setting the height to 100% for the container.

Something else is going on. If you look at the attached screenshare, it seems the boxes in the loop are not letting me to set a max width, so they are going well based the size of the parent container. It feels like a bug, but I could be missing something.