[Figma Plugin] Figma to Bricks Plugin

Hello everyone,

last year I built a plug-in to convert Figma auto-layout designs to Elementor. It actually was a pretty cool plug-in, but due to Elementor’s discutable direction, I ceased all the work on it. Then I found again my new home at Bricks, which I’m very thankful for and I’d like to give back to you guys, by building a Figma to Bricks plugin. Since the builder uses JSON to copy/paste designs, it should be possible to translate Figma layouts into the JSON which would then simply be pasted into Bricks.

I just want to understand what would the interest be around here, do you use Figma? Would you be interested to have a such a plugin?


This would be fantastic! :slight_smile:

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for sure, that would be crazy time saving!

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It would be awesome!

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Of course that would be fantastic! Ask in the FB group, I think you will get also some feedback there :wink:

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It would be huge. It would put Smellamentor further behind. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello everyone, I started working on this. I’ll update you guys on the progress. So far it looks like it should actually be simpler to do than in Elementor as Bricks has a flat structure of the JSON that is being copied and pasted, opposed to Elementor, which had a JSON tree object.

My only question as of now is… Do images get copied between pages (domains)? Could someone from the Bricks team confirm/debunk this for me? I’ve been trying to understand how it works. In Elementor, this happened automatically - the images simply got downloaded given the URL. Any info about this @timmse? Or someone else?

I found some seemingly old/dead threads like this one where it’s discussed, but I don’t see any “fixes” in the changelog since when this feature was released.

When I built this for Elementor, I spun up an Express server, that downloaded the images from Figma into each user’s folder and then Elementor downloaded them from my server to the Wordpress Instance where I pasted it.

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