Facilyta - Website built with bricks

Hello guys!

My experience with bricks is amazing.
And today I’m leaving here my most recent work using bricks, my agency’s website:

There are still some things that I will improve to provide the best experience for users and potential clients. With the evolution of bricks, it has been very enjoyable to work with it on my projects.



Best website built in Bricks I’ve ever seen. Congrats and keep up the good work!

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Damn! I’m impressed! Love the motion on the site. Well done. :muscle:

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@LjLj Thanks, man!

@TCL Thanks, I am still new to motion and it took me a while to decide the best way to add them to my site, but I found a way and even made some improvements recently so that it doesn’t confuse the average user.

You have leveraged the motion features well. Not to discourage you in any way, but for me it feels maybe a little overused and overwhelming. Remember, sometimes “Less is more”.

It’s a well crafted site though.

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I agree. Great job though!

Are you using motion page or gsap?

Just using motion.page for all animations