Extra leading and tailing paragraphs added to post content (bug introduced in RC2)

New bug introduced in RC2.

When a rich text element pulls in post content via the {post_content} dynamic data tag, a

tag is prepended and appended to the content. This affects the layout (assuming paragraphs have a top and/or bottom margin).

In the example below, the blog post has only one paragraph, but on the front end, 3 paragraphs are output in the HTML markup.

I think Rich text is not meant to retrieve dynamic HTML post content.
You should use Basic text element instead, to prevent from nesting tags issues.

But will all rich content (formatting, images, etc) in the post appear on the front end when using a basic text element? I’ve always used rich text in the past, it only started doing this with RC2.

Note that I could use the dedicated “post content” element for this, but that’s not the point…it’s still a bug, albeit minor.