Element manager : like new elementor version

Hi team,

It would be great if you could bring element managert to Bricks. This feature has great benefits. We can remove elements that we never use from the widget panel. This will improve the performance of the Builder.


Just noting here that Bricks already has a filter that allows you to disable/elements. You can add the code snippet to your child theme and just remove the elements you wish to remove.

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And as David pointed out, here is even the code that uses the function to make an option page with all elements (via ACF):

…and now also Advanced Themer for Bricks has this option included:

Enable / Disable any Bricks element

Whether you’re aiming to hide particular elements that you don’t plan to use in the builder or looking to prevent them from being loaded on the server entirely, Advanced Themer empowers you to achieve this with just a few clicks!

Personally I’d love to see an easy way to identify elements.
Can’t tell you how often I go to a structure to see, say, Slide, but am not sure which plugin provides that particular slide.

I do use BricksExtra, BricksForge and Advanced Themer. So maybe my own fault for have too many options.

But maybe a colour code that could be assigned to widgets in the panel based on their plugin provider?

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We have just launched Bricks Element Manager plugin to deactivate/activate Bricks’ elements - Bricks Element Manager – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org