Dynamic -SKU -{woo_product_sku}

I am working on single product template and i want to ask, is there is a way dynamic filed(s) not to show up in case the field is empty?.How can i do that?
thank you

If you are creating a custom single product template, then only the elements and their functions will show up – so if you have an field but is empty, it returns no value.

See here:

thanks for your reply. I have placed the word: “code” before sku field and that is actually my issue. If field is empty only the word “code” apears.
i was wondering if there is another way in order not to appear OR appear when sku field has data?

If there is some sort of input there, so you had ‘the word Code’ before the dynamic variable – then you would need to use conditional logic to hide the word ‘Code’ and the product sku. At this time Brisks does not do that, so if you were really needing this feature, you would have to make a custom template.


Got it , thank you very much:)

Your welcome, happy developing. =)

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