Dynamic control parameters depending on other control


Just curious if it’s possible to dynamically set the control parameters of one control based on the input of another control? I’m not looking for a specific to my case how-to. Just wondering if it’s possible at all and maybe a basic general example if you’re feeling generous. I suppose I might need to use some javascript since the page is already loaded.

For example, I’m playing around with my own lottie element ( I know others have made them) and want to allow setting the start frame and end frame of the lotties. I’d like to make a slider control that has a max value of the total frames of the lottie. Lotties are just json files and in them they have two key value pairs that define the in point and the out point:


Just wondering if it’s possible to do something like:

  1. upload a file
  2. Read the files json for the ip and op values
  3. Then use those values in the slider min and max values.