DUPLICATE: Bug report + few requests for accordion & estable accordion widgets

Bricks Version: 1.5.4 (try.bricksbuilder.io)
Browser: Chrome
OS: Windows


1- If we activate the Expand first item option in the Accordion (Nestable) widget, if we close that tab after loading the page, it will be closed without Transition.

2- In the Accordion (Nestable) widget, icons do not change when tabs are opened or closed. For example, before opening + after opening -
Or, for example, change the direction of the icons before and after opening the tabs. Is this now a weakness?


1-Expand first item option for accordion widget (This option is only available for Nestable Accordion widget)

2- Transition for change accordion icons - It would be great if we consider Transition to change the icons when the accordion is opened or closed. This is super awesome. Especially if the accordion icons are in the form of arrows.

thank you

Hi Hosein,

  1. DUPLICATE: WIP: Accordion expand transition doesn't work the first time with expand first item option

  2. DUPLICATE: WIP: Accordion (nestable) icon on expanded

I’ll close this thread accordingly.

Best regards,

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