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DnD with scrolling

Bricks Version: 1.2.2
Browser: Chrome 90
OS: Windows 10

Not sure if this is a bug or a feature request but when clicking and dragging an element onto the page, you cannot scroll up or down the page to drop it, you can only drop in the current view and then move after.

See video here; note that I am also trying to use my mouse wheel to scroll down the page.

Hi @zestjosh
This is not a bug.
Depending on the Operating System or the browser you get different behaviours when moving a dragged element near the bottom of the browser. On my Mac/Chrome it scrolls down.

To overcome this, you might scroll the page with the mouse wheel or the touch pad while dragging.

Hi @luistinygod,

I attempted to scroll while dragging a new element using my mouse wheel but am not able to do so.

After some more testing, I’ve found that I must not have been patient enough and the page will eventually scroll down while holding the new element towards the bottom of the screen, but forcing it to scroll back up is tricky with a sticky menu (the trick is to hold the element over the canvas scrollbar at the top right, or minimize the header).

I just wanted to bring this thread back to life. I am working on migrating our company’s website to Bricks and find this more difficult than it needs to be. Moving an element up the page works well enough however moving it down the page, nothing happens, and the scrollwheel doesn’t do anything either. I’m aware that I can use the structure panel to move elements but that shouldn’t be the solution.

Please note that most of these issues seem to happen when I have structure panel open, so maybe it has something to do with screen size (I’m currently on 15.6" laptop) or the quick preview it displays while moving the element (I notice with other page builder they do not offer the preview, which helps with large images not getting stuck).

Sorry that the video does not capture my cursor but I trying to simply move the element up or down the page.