Dividers should also be vertical

The current divider element can only add a horizontal line.

It should have a checkbox to make it vertical as well.

Hi Cristian,

I’ve added this to our internal ToDos.

If it’s just a simple line without an icon in between, you can use the container element, add a class like .divider-vertical to it, style this class with border-left, width, height, etc. and use it where- and whenever you like. The benefit of using the container: it’s just one single div.

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That’s a great idea. Thank you @timmse

I’ve solved it already using the border attribute on the main container and adding some margins to make them look centered between containers for now.

I needed it to add some separation between 3 columns in the desktop view and this did the trick.

However, it felt more natural to use the “divider” element and that’s why I added this suggestion here.