Divider element no longer shows up in content (0 width it seems) - 1.5 RC2

Bricks Version: 1.5 RC2
Browser: Chrome 104
OS: Linux Mint 21
URL: Finanzmarkt-IT • Beratung, Entwicklung, Support • oraïse

Current Results:
The Divider module no longer works in 1.5 RC2. Dividers do not show up in layouts.

Expected Results:
Dividers should show up in the layout.


From the builder:


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i confirm issue…also in rc1 same problem

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I confirm as well.

Divider no longer shows no matter the height I set.

I’m using 1.5 RC 2


Looks like it doesn’t work only when setting the width to a % unit. If using px then it works.

Also I found a workaround, just go into STYLE > LAYOUT and set the width from here. This way it works just fine.


Issue persists on v1.5.

Workaround works! :slight_smile: In fact, if you set a divider to some smaller width (e.g., 40%) in the “Content” tab, and then to 100% in the “Style” tab > “Layout”, then it’ll expand to the 40% you set in “Content”. Neat!