Default bricks classes removable?

Can we remove all default bricks classes such as brxe-div, globally or/and at the element level?
Thank you

Nope. Those are default classes. But I hope those default classes are added dynamically, as I mentioned in my post(which you liked).

Thanks, yes I saw your post and I think it would be nice to have (btw, I didn’t find the feature request to vote for it) I just started with bricks and am trying Cwicly at the same time. I like that their code is much cleaner, no ID if no style and almost no default classes nor weird default values… However, I would rather work with Bricks for this project and am investigating how far clear we can get the html code.

For example, I just added a menu, and I got this class by default:
Why is there such a weird default value of 30px, or did I do something by mistake?

You did not do anything wrong. That is the builder’s preset value. It is to make the menu items not stick together. However, you can always change it.

I’m doing a testing site with it too. Yes! I must admit that their HTML output is cleaner.

Yeah, but it adds unnecessary css and it is a complicated workflow to look for default values everywhere, then correct them and sometimes miss them too. There should be an option in the settings to deactivate all default value (or classes, even better).
Hopefully this is something they will improve in the future, I think having a clean HTML output and a nice editing workflow will help keep them better than the competition

Yeah, and their builder is extremely flexible. Only issue for me is that the builder (based on Gutenberg) is so much slower than Bricks, which is a problem when building website professionally as I loose a lot of time in loading and wating time