Custom background positioning

When setting background position, there’s a dropdown to select one of the pre-defined postions (top left, center center, bottom center, etc.). Would it make sense to also allow a custom positioning right here (ex. 60% 35%)? I know it’s easy enough to add with custom css (in the Custom CSS control group for the element), but the there is that the custom CSS is the same for every breakpoint (I’ve got a separate thread about that). So then I’m forced to also create media queries for different breakpoints.

Hi Eric,

if you scroll down till the end of the list, there is already a “custom” option. But unfortunately there is a bug when switching to lower breakpoints. But this will be solved within Bricks 1.3.7.

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OMG you’re right! I just never saw it! Awesome, thanks!!

Haha you’re welcome. The options list is actually pretty long :sweat_smile: :+1:
Btw., I forgot to link to the current bug: WIP: Background Image 'Custom' Controls Not Showing

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