Copy of an element doesn't show the text and markup

Bricks Version: 1.1.3
Browser: Chrome 90
OS: macOS / Windows / Linux / etc.
URL: (a link to a page that illustrates the issue would be really helpful)

Copy of an element like an icon box doesn’t show the text. Just the icon box. If I refresh the page, all content shows up. Same issue with the template. It looks like the inline editing also doesn’t work very well - date nov '21 “As a workaround, please add your text directly into the elements text field until this is fixed.” doesn’t work at all

Checked system:
PHP Max Upload File Size: 1G - Recommended upload_max_filesize: 16M (or more) (red marked - but I assume 1 G is high enough)
Using the child theme
Following plugins are activated:
|All-In-One WP Migration (7.52)|by ServMask|
|All-In-One WP Migration Unlimited Extension (2.42)|by ServMask|
|Contact Form 7 (5.5.3)|by Takayuki Miyoshi|
|GDPR Cookie Consent (2.0.7)|by WebToffee|
|NextGEN Gallery (3.18)|by Imagely|
|NextGEN Pro (3.1.7)|by Imagely|
|WPMU DEV Dashboard (4.11.8)|by WPMU DEV|
|Yoast SEO (17.8)|by Team Yoast|

kind regards

Hi Gilles,

Welcome to the forum, and thanks a lot for your report.

Unfortunately, I can’t quite follow you, though. Would it be possible for you to record a short screen video and explain the problem?

Best regards,

Hi Timmse,
Thanks for your answer. I found the problem with the plugin of NEXTGEN PRO. If I deactivate this plugin, the Bricks builder works fine. I cannot upload a video here, so I made a screenshot. If you need a video or login, please let me know. By the way, this is just information, I don’t need the plugin on this website.

kind regards

Oh ok, cool that you were able to identify the problem yourself.

I have never used Nextgen Pro and so far we have not received any notification about it. Have you contacted Nextgen support and described the problem? Maybe they are interested in making their plugin compatible with Bricks.

Best regards,