Content Portability, Gutenberg Integration & Live Collaboration


I will try my best to explain these requests.

This issue should be fixed before we can go more into my requests. User Access - Giving Access - Video Included - Bugs - Bricks Community Forum (

1) Content Portability: Let’s say I built an accordion in Bricks few days ago. My client wants me to convert this accordion into a tab. I don’t want to copy paste all the content to the tab. I am yet to check how Bricks store templates data into the db. But can we have some sort of data reforming ability? One click to convert this element data into another element. Custom fields can be used but I don’t use them unless the data is entered by the client. If this request sounds vague then please ignore. Community may share their thoughts on this.

2) Gutenberg: I have written lots of custom gutenberg blocks in last few weeks. So I thought of leaving Bricks and why not just use gutenberg all over. But then I realized that the core blocks are lacking, have stubborn styling and not flexible. Gutenberg is only usable if I am willing to write my own flexbox column and css grid blocks. I decided not to go Gutenberg route as I feel my blocks will get outdated at some point as Gutenberg will improve in a few years.

Though Bricks will have to think of some sort of integration with Gutenberg for futureproofing. Gutenberg have some stuff in their pipeline. It will take time to realize. Better editing capabilities for rest of the year, live collobration like Google docs for next year and then comes multi lingual editing capabilities.

Have Bricks team thought what will be approach regards to Gutenberg?

Does Bricks have plans to integrate live collobration in Bricks core? or may be you guys can integrate Bricks elements with Gutenberg like Oxygen does. So when live collobration comes in gutenberg core then people can use this with bricks blocks in gutenberg.

Allowing Bricks elements with content fields in Gutenberg can also get rid the need of custom fields plugin if bricks save the content data in post_meta fields.

I may be thinking ahead of time but just wondering what will be the viability of Bricks when gutenberg introduces better editing features and live collobration. There are already decent block based themes and blocks plugin like GeneratePress which can latch on the native API. Just want to know team thoughts on these.


Status Report: January, 2022 (

Take a look at Themeco video in the above blog post. This is how they have done for content portability. All elements are sections and the content is stored dynamically in the parameters. I know the same can be replicated via ACF/Metabox options page. So not much of an issue. Still take a look. You might find some other inspiration.

Just in case you didn’t know this already, I thought I’d mention that Bricks can import from/export to Gutenberg blocks.

@cmstew That conversion is not usable. After ticking gutenberg options in settings, go to gutenberg editor, add native image gallery and then edit with bricks builder. You will know what I meant!

May be this is just for not locking your content. Oxygen integration is better.

I wouldn’t call that unusable. It still imports all the elements in a container. But I do see what you mean especially if you’re expecting it to look exactly the same in both.

@cmstew But now try to make a change and save it. Then view it in Gutenberg. Only use for this feature is if you leave Gutenberg or vice versa. It’s not integration.

True, but I think the purpose is not for everyday use going back and forth but for one time migration.

Although, I don’t disagree that it could be beneficial to make it more diverse.