Comment System For 3rd Party Plugins Support

Bricks comments not working with 3rd party plugins like: Thrive Comments, Disqus, etc.

Pls make it compatible so we can use 3rd party plugins for comments purposes.

When I switch 3rd party plugins still bricks comments is displaying.

I have worked in Oxygen in the past, and the builder adopts 3rd party plugins for comments and did not face any such issue.

Hi Achal,
take a look at this thread: SOLVED: Bricks comments widget hijacking the native WP comments, so no WP comments plugin working - #11 by luistinygod

Yes saw but did not have any solution

Hi Achal,

have you tried the approach @flimflam has suggested?
If this doesn’t work for you there is no other solution at this time, sorry.

The request is already on the feature board and will find its way into Bricks if there is a high demand for it. However, we currently have several feature requests with a significantly higher number of votes - and that’s why they are more likely to be implemented.

It’s ok, but his solution is not for a template system. He must be done the trick using WordPress posts but I am using bricks template.