Can't do a condition to display a section based on the post type?

I’m just checking that this isn’t possible.

I can’t find an option for it but I may be looking in the wrong place.

I’m guessing that such a condition would only work if it was specifically a template for a post type?

What exactly do you want to check conditionally?

Are you referring to single pages of a CPT?

Where is the element you want to apply the condition inside? A static Page or inside a template? If the latter, where does the template apply?

Ok so currently I have 3 footer templates. One is displayed “site-wide” but is set to not display if the post type is “X” or “Y”.

One other is set to display only if the post type is “X” and the other displays if the post type is “Y”.

I thought I would be able to create a single footer template that would work across all 3 settings but have different sections displaying depending on what page it was being used on.

It doesn’t look like you can set a CONDITION on an element based on the post type. Unless I missed it?

e.g. only display this “basic text” element IF the post type is “events” for example.