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Button style default

Bricks Version: 1.3.6
Browser: Chrome 90
OS: Windows

When you add a button element, the size option has a placeholder of ‘Medium’ which is misleading as the medium button settings are not applied until you switch the option to medium. This gets a little confusing when medium has different padding set but does not get applied.

I think just switching the placeholder to say ‘None’ (like the Style option) would be the easiest solution.


Yes @zestjosh

This has caught me out a couple of times too because it looks similar to the UI of when you move between breakpoints and it’s greyed out (for example padding / margin) as a visual indicator that it has been applied in a higher breakpoint.

Hi guys,

maybe “Default” would be more appropriate?
Let me know what you think @zestjosh @Michael :v:

I think setting the placeholder text to “Default” makes sense. I wonder if we could get a field to set the padding for the default button style :thinking:

Yes I thinks so Stefan! :+1: