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Would be great if you give a little bit more information instead of just links. Why should I use it? Why did you create it? :slight_smile:

The link directs visitors here to our website which has more information about our products.

You should only use CUI if you want to rapidly speed up your Bricks Builder development, whether that’s for personal or business use. You can build full websites within hours that you can modify to your heart’s content using Core Framework. It’s the perfect foundation for any of your projects.

  • Use our copy & paste function or remote template access.
  • Use our templates on unlimited projects.
  • There’s no capped usage.
  • They’re super easy to use.
  • Fully customizable.
  • Fully responsive.

Not only that we have Motion templates that we specifically created using, for developers and designers who like to have stunning interactions and eye-catching animations on their websites.

Soon we will have some really cool Layouts, that we know our wider community will love!

We love building websites, we love building components, and we love to help our community build rapid, fully customizable websites that look great on any device.

Not only that, but right now our prices are a steal!