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I have a question.
Why did you disable right-click on your site? What was your intention?
It’s a beautiful design, but I think it needs to have an inviting color like blue for buttons, icons and some h3 headings.



Thanks for the feedback!
No intention, it shouldn’t be disabled.
Yes, so that is so the idea behind is we don’t want too much focus on anything but the products. We feel that if people want to use the “call to action” direction to purchase, the navigation is as simple enough. With the H3, I guess we could have used them, maybe we will switch it up in the future.

Interesting fact, our site was built using Bricks 1.4! We’re yet to update!

That is some cool stuff @mikestott. Was thinking about such library since the 1.5 is live. Thanks for sharing–great idea.

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Not all of these templates are accessibility friendly nor completely navigable via screen reader. I would gladly purchase if this wasn’t the case…

Hi, I assume you’re speaking about our Layout templates? What makes you say they’re not accessibility-friendly or completely navigatable via a screen reader?


Particularly on Oslo, the Contact and other buttons aren’t being picked up on my screen reader windows or mac:

I haven’t tested the rest, perhaps its just that one :smiley:


The Layout templates are actually designed/developed in such a way so the user can expand on them as they wish. Some of the “links” don’t actually have URL’s in them or lead anywhere, we just merely want the cursor to simulate a link to give potential customers the idea. If we control our templates too much they become too rigid.

All of our templates (Components and Layouts) are totally flexible, change the text, colors, shapes, sizes, images, anything—not to mention, we’re always here to help.