Bricks Border.. on everything?

Is this just me… or is there a Bricks border on EVERYTHING?

* {
    border-color: var(--bricks-border-color);

the var color is #d9d9d9

It’s on every element… 3rd part ACF… etc.

  1. I use ACSS, so why is Bricks controlling border colors?
  2. Where is this CSS, I dont see anything global borders related in theme styles?

Were you able to solve the problem? I currently have the problem with the WooCommerce Quantity Button. I cannot overwrite the border.

it is just a variable default but it is not assigned like you think it is

as long as you don’t define border type or border size it means none of the doms has a border

yes could be better if didn’t implemented like that but it is not a problem at all