Background Parallax Effect

Bricks Version: 1.2.2(missing since 1.2)
Browser: Chrome 90
OS: macOS / Windows / Linux / etc.
URL: (no Parallax Effect or Fixed Background in use here)

Hi Bricks Team,
I don’t think it is a feature request, so I report it as a bug because this option was available and worked fine before Bricks 1.2.

Since Bricks 1.2, I noticed that the Parallax Effect for the background image is no longer available. But, I saw a small note that says choosing “fixed” for Parallax Effect. So, I chose “Fixed”. But, I don’t see my background image is scrolling with the Parallax Effect(it’s just fixed position). Then I check in the setting, and I can’t find the field that allows me to choose this option. Is this option missing accidentally, or I missed any step for the Parallax Effect?

Here is a screenshot I took from Bricks 1.1.3

To view the Parallax Effect → (it’s currently with Bricks 1.1.3)
*The Parallax Effect is in use for the first section.
*I will only update it to the latest when this Parallax Effect is back.

[Please describe in as much detail as possible how we can replicate this bug]

Yes, I also miss the parallax effect very much :cry:
But I really hope it comes back quickly and preferably with settings for intensity and direction.

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Hey @HeroRox and @jornes

We decided to remove the parallax feature that was present in Bricks1.1.3 as there were a few issues with it and also lacking support for mobile devices.

We are currently looking for a more suitable alternative that will address the issues we were present with the previous parallax library.

Thank you for your continued patience while we address this.

Best Regards

@Zansus Okay!
I look forward to seeing the coming Parallax Effect. I don’t mind this does not work with the mobile view(I don’t like too). It’s good for some elements in desktop view as it makes the entire website a different taste.

Thanks for the info. I’m very excited about your new solution. (I don’t know, but maybe is an interesting solution).

Hi @HeroRox

Thanks for this suggestion. I will refer it to Thomas and see what he thinks about it. :+1:

With Thanks

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Any news about Parallax Effect? It would be nice to have news about, I like that feature too in desktop mode.


I don’t see any possibilities for this to be added back to the builder anytime soon. If you need it urgently, you can consider BricksExtras(if you don’t have it).

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I see, one time I maybe try it, its not soo urgent for now. Anyways its overwhelming to have so many addons one can use:

For now I only have bricksable which is free, but did not use any element of it. Not yet

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Yes. Then you may start with Bricksable for your project.

Anyway, is a nice directory for Bricks. And too.

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