Awarding 'named releases'

Hey @thomas @luistinygod @timmse

I appreciate you have got your handsful with the preparation of 1.4.

But just had a fun Idea regards to releasing named versions of minor and major releases.

What I mean is that for every minor or major release you can choose a member from the FB group or the forum who has made a significant contribution for example 1.4 could be named the ‘1.4 Yankiara’ release for all his dedication and bug fixing during this release.

I don’t see any other PB doing it and think it would be a nice engagement piece booster and would be a popular FB chat subject when a new release is approaching/being released. It may also spur more people to get involved for their chance to have a release named after them.

If it is seen as a terrible idea, I will blame it on either having one too many late-night alcoholic beverages or say that @yan paid me to post this! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl: