Allow to copy elements by holding ALT key

Similar to how it works in Adobe XD or Canva for example.

Since we already have drag and drop element positioning, it would be highly productive to “clone” elements simply by holding the ALT key and Clicking and moving an element on the page.

PS: I am not sure if other builders have this simple but highly productive feature, but for designers that are used to this “shortcut” it would be immensely beneficial and a big +.

Just added this idea to the idea board in the road ap as well. Awaiting moderation I suppose.

Hi Cristian,
Working as a designer, I know that shortcut, of course. Still, I haven’t thought about adding it to bricks yet because there is already a shortcut for copying and pasting elements: cmd + c / cmd+v (which doesn’t work for the container element at the moment - added it to our bug list though ^^).

Implementing the “alt+drag” shortcut sounds easier than it is, I think. So I am glad you’ve added it to the idea board.

Let’s see how many votes it gets :slight_smile:

Best regards,

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Thank you @timmse.

Yeah, now that I think about it you are right.

I imagine it’s not that easy to implement this feature and the benefits are not that high indeed.

For sure there are other higher priority features/fixes than this.

It was just an idea because I found myself doing this and I said to myself “Why it doesn’t work?” :smiley: before I realized I’m not in XD nor Canva.

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