Allow "Duplicate" and "Delete" elements for "editor" (WP User Role) in some Bricks elements (Testimonial, Slider, ... )


You are building a Testimonials (but it also applies to Slider, Slider Nestable) and you have set 3 items.
You are the “admin” user, with “admin” as User role.

You created of course an other user for your client with “editor” role.
The client that can edit images and text of Testimonials items.
But the client, with “editor” role, cannot add a new item of the Testimonials, nor delete it.

How can be solved for now (bricks 1.9.8)

Few options here:

  1. Let the client requests you “please add a new Testimonial item so that i can insert text and images”, and you do that.
  2. Create a separate User with admin role, and instruct the client to login with that user when needs to duplicate/delete testimonials item. (Risky, but you will be extremely clear the damage responsibility are in client hand, so damage fixing is payed)

How can be solved (maybe) better

You, the “admin”, when creating a Testimonial (or Slider, or…) can “toggle” a checkbox that allow “editor” to “Delete and Duplicate” items.
By default the toggle is OFF, and MUST BE MANUALLY enabled by the “admin”, in order to enabling it only in context where makes sense.

What do you think?

I would love to hear what other users and the development team think about this proposal.
I’m not sure if this is a beneficial addition. I believe that an exchange of ideas can help better assess the feasibility and usefulness of this feature.

Thanks, Jacopo