Add "Wrap with container" command

To save the process of having to create a new container, then drag an element into it (something I often do), it would be really helpful to have this command as a content menu item in the preview area and the menu for each item in the structure panel.

Oxygen has a “Warp with DIV” command, obviously because it is so commonly done.


Hi Eric,

Yeah, this could be pretty handy. Sounds like a perfect idea for the idea board :slight_smile:
Would you be so kind as to add it?

Btw., there is already a little feature built in to speed up adding containers. If you hover over a container in the structure panel, you’ll notice a little “+” icon. Clicking it inserts a new container directly into the selected container:

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Totally agree, that is something I do in Oxygen all the time, it would be great to include this in Bricks!

I’ve added it to the idea board…please upvote once it’s published.

@timmse I added this to the idea board 9 days ago, but it hasn’t been posted yet. I know several others are also looking for this, like @VijayKumarIM…is there a reason it hasn’t been posted?

Hi Eric,
Sorry, Thomas has been busy the last couple of days with Bricks 1.3.7 and missed your idea - but it is published now!

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