ACF Repeater Taxonomy Sub Field As A Condition?

Bricks 1.9.8
WordPress 6.5.4

I have an “organization” taxonomy sub field within a “team_employment” repeater. I want a condition checking if “organization” equals “EVPro.”

Bricks Condition Solution Fail
Within a REPEATER query loop, I added the condition below.
The condition did not allow the basic text element to appear. I even tried “{acf_team_member_employment_organization:value}” instead. No change.

Then based on a Bricks Labs solution, I added the function below to my functions.php and changed the condition.

function bl_have_rows( ) {
  // if ACF is not active, return false
  if ( ! class_exists( 'ACF' ) ) {
    return false;
	$org = get_term( get_sub_field('organization') );
  if($org->slug == "evpro")
    return true;
  return false;
The basic text element still didn't show.

**Code Element Solution Fail**
Then I thought I would combine the condition with the basic text content using PHP in a code element within the "team member" query loop. Based on example 6 in a [Bricks Academy "Filter: bricks/element/render" article](, I tried the code below.
<?php add_filter( 'bricks/element/render', function( $render, $element ) { if ( $element->id === 'brxe-dizawd' && class_exists( 'ACF' ) ) { if ( have_rows( 'team_member_employment' ) ) { // Loop through rows. while( have_rows( 'team_member_employment' ) ) : the_row(); $org = get_term( get_sub_field('organization') ); if($org->slug == "evpro") { return get_sub_field( 'position' ); } // End loop. endwhile; } } return $render; }, 10, 2 ); ?>
The extra code element #brxe-dizawd I added did not render with the "position" sub field.

Any suggestions?