ACF Post Object field

Hey guys,

I did not find any information in the documentation and in the forum. So before I start creating my own custom functions I wanted to ask if the functionality is maybe already integrated into Bricks and I just do not know how to use it exactly:

Having two CPTs (Startup and Country) I want to create an ACF Post Object field on the Startup CPT to be able to choose a country for the startup. Within the Bricks template (single startup) I want to output the assigned country (post title) and its flag (featured image). Is there any native way to do it? Using the “regular” dynamic data tag ({acf_country}) it outputs the post title as a link to the single country page. I tried some filters but couldn’t get it to work. Using the query loop functionality also does not seem to work.

I know I could just use a Relationship instead of the Post Object but in some situations (like single selections instead of multiple ones) I prefer the Post Object field’s UI.

Thanks for your help, guys!

(See a screenshot of the mockup attached)

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Hi, out of interest, how would you solve this with a relationship field? :thinking:

One of the Query Loop’s built-in query types is ACF Relationship field.

Yeas sure. But how would you get data from a related object? Even if you’d use the relationship field.

I’ve created a feature request which looks for me like the solution to this problem.

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This seems like something that would solve my use case too, as I can find a way to make it work - to pull data from with a Related post in a templated format: Pulling query loop Content from a CPT via ACF Relationship