A few simple but important requests for the nav menu widget

Bricks Version: 1.6.1
Browser: Chrome
OS: Windows
URL: (a link to a page that illustrates the issue would be really helpful)


Some simple but important features are needed for the nav menu widget. I hope you put them in the program.

1- Spacing option to create space between menu options (Currently, we can only create this distance using the margin, but this does not seem like a principled way)

2- Hover animation for menu items - In Elementor, there are a number of animations in hover menu conditions that we can use. For example, when hovering, a 1px border from right to left can be added or removed. This item can be added in bricks much more powerful than Elementor.

3- Background color for Top level menu icon + Radius border and padding

4- Space between option for Top level menu icon (Currently, the icon is stuck to the text and we cannot move it to the other side)

5- Currently, the icon is stuck to the text and we cannot move it to the other side.

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Hi Jolia,
Thanks so much for your report/improvement suggestions!

Since these are suggestions for improvement only, I will move this thread to the right category. As soon as we revise the menu, we will certainly take up the points mentioned.

Best regards,

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